Liberty Belle

A lovely American brie. A new take on a classic. Bringing brie to the American public. A local cheese that they can be proud of. Something that beautifully challenges tradition and proudly boasts of its homeland.

Blooms Taxonomy

An information graphic developed to display all of the project completed over the three main years of design school. Each slice of the pie represents each project and the patterned rings how it relates to the AIGA Competencies and Blooms Taxonomy. Colored sections display relevant competencies and taxonomy principles.

Good Night Bad Day is a donut shop that offers classic or crazy donuts any time of the day whether you are feeling good or bad. Celebration or depression the donuts are there!

Redesign of an existing book focused on Feng Shui. Hand illustrated, constructed, and bound.

Black Diamond Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate designed to accompany a top secret artist print for Wonder Fair Art Gallery & Shop. The Secret Origin of the Black Diamond has many different complexities and different types of members, some of which own a top secret artist print that are accompanied by this certificate.

Red Wrap - Merry & Bright

Merry & Bright is a collection of patterns displayed in a wrapping paper collection. The color palette is based on found elements from the 40s and 50s. This collection consists of hand illustrated patterns and lettering.

Book that evokes the word extend.